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The film begins with Eliza Thornberry (voice of Lacey Chabert), 12 years, playing a family of cheetahs in East Africa, where his parents work as roving wildlife photographers for spectacles of nature television. Eliza has the magical ability to talk and communicate with wild animals. The Cheetah mother Akela (Alfre Woodard indicated), left Eliza headed cubs, but Eliza deviate beyond the security of the region, and one of the Cheetah cubs, scores (voiced by Kimberly Brooks), is kidnapped by poacher. Eliza continued efforts to save the Pooh UK lead a grandmother Cordelia (voiced by Lynn Redgrave) (to visit) mailed to English boarding school, as it believes that Eliza Cordelia constantly at risk in Africa will and Eliza will be much safer in England.

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Eliza is unfortunate because it will not be able to watch the solar eclipse early and will not be able to find scores. Eliza sister Debbie (voice of Danielle Harris), not materialistic girl, in Africa, are angry and jealous that she does not return to England. Darwin (voice of Tom Kane), with Eliza "pet" chimpanzee contraband is in his luggage and went to school. Spread rumors about the past, Eliza is through the school, but Eliza has become commonplace over time. However, Eliza was soon tired of school and managed to convince a stuck-up girl of British school to lend her a visa to leave England.

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Eliza and Darwin to catch a flight Nairobi followed by the train back to the site of their families. As the train, the two injured rhino notice outside the train and to get help. Eliza talks to tell him rhino electric fence used to kill elephants crossing pass. Then they are assisted by a young couple, so-called environmentalists animals, and the rhino headed boss. A night reveals the couple are actually both the poachers to kill elephants from planning through the pass, the day of the eclipse. Eliza also discovers a kidnapped scores. Eliza was discovered by Sloan and Bree Blackburn (voice of Rupert Everett and Marisa Tomei) while she is sneaking around and they asked him about how she came to know the fence.

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