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The Land Before Time | The Land Before Time Characters | The Land Before Time Movies

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Volumes have been written about the search for the inner Earth or the Land Before Time. The articles written, which said the explorer Admiral Byrd and others a hole in the earth's surface at the north pole, with civilization pushed deep inside, where the entry as a result, took the ancient world.

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The Land Before Time Adventuring in The Mysterious Beyond

Hyperbole and often Thrace region north of the Arctic Circle is associated. Involved, and the Western Europeans have in the past identified themselves with the ancient cultures. The Greeks and Romans believed in a mystical land there once in the north. It was thought to be the polar center of spirituality.

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I am in most cases where there is smoke, there is a fire. All the legends and myths contain some element of truth. Also in the series goes to the Superman Superman in their homeland, crystal city at the North Pole to consult with his father. The North Pole and several other regions of the world are regarded as portals to other worlds and dimensions. Sedona has some of the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil The triangle off the coast of Japan's most famous.

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