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Lady and the Tramp Blu Ray

Christmas morning in 1909, is Jim's favorite love his wife, a cocker spaniel they named Lady. Lady enjoying a happy life with the couple and a few of the reliable dogs in his neighborhood, a Scottish terrier called Jock and a bloodhound named. Meanwhile in the city by the railroad, a stray mutt silver, referred to as tramp to live life from moment to moment, it is for bits of an Italian restaurant or the protection of his colleagues traveled to beg Peg (a Lhasa Apso) and Bull ( an English bulldog) from the local dog catcher.

the lady and the tramp

Lady and the Tramp Book

Later began lady is sad, Jim Darling of love and its pretty cold treatment. Jock reliable and visit them, and found that the change in behavior due to Darling is expected to have a baby. While Jock and try to explain reliable, offer what a baby monitor the Tramp, a Schnauzer mix, the conversation and his own opinion. Jock reliable and take an immediate dislike to him from the property and stray, tramp like leaves, he makes a final speech that "when the baby moves to move the dog".

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Lady and the Tramp Movie

Over time the baby came, and Jim Dear and Darling Lady Set the baby. Shortly thereafter, Jim Dear and Darling decided to go on a journey, she let Aunt Sarah to look after the baby and the house. Aunt Sarah, but hates dogs and Lady refuses, the child at close range. When Lady clashes with Aunt Sarah in the two trouble-making Siamese cats, Si and I took to get his lady to a pet shop with a muzzle. A startled lady escaped, but some stray dogs to hunt. Tramp can be found in the yacht and rescue lady. The two go to a zoo where a beaver tramp tricks in the distance from the mouth. Shows that night, lady tramp, as he is "independent and collar," who lived culminating in a candle-lit Italian dinner.

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